Paws Clause

Conditions of Hire – when bringing a pet

We understand how important it is for guests to be able to bring their pet with them on holiday, after all they are a member of the family too!

We love pets and they are very welcome in all of our properties as detailed on our website for an additional charge of £30 per pet to cover additional cleaning costs.

We ask that guests provide full details of the pet(s) who will be staying and to follow the requirements as detailed below.

Please ensure that your pet is:

  • Fully housetrained, clean and dry and above 1 year of age

  • Fully immunized

  • Free of fleas and worms and regularly treated

  • Kept under close control at all times – all of our cottages are near fields with livestock

  • Not left unsupervised at any point in the property or the garden

  • Not allowed on any furniture or in bedrooms or upstairs

  • Does not cause any nuisance or disturbance to neighbours or local farmers

Please bring your pets beds, bedding, towels, poo bags and bowls.

Please ensure that you collect any evidence of dogs having ‘been’ in the garden and dispose of it regularly and responsibly.

If damage occurs to the property or its contents, please make Kozy Cottages aware and you will be responsible for costs to the home owner.