Booking Conditions

Kozy Cottages have the following terms for making, amending and cancelling a booking. These terms become legally binding once you have made a booking request and we have confirmed your booking.

We recommend that you also read our Rental Guide for general guidance on cottage rentals with Kozy Cottages.

  1. Contract

Kozy Cottages act as a booking agent and the contract for renting a property via our booking service shall be between you and the property owner.

  1. Making a Booking

A booking can be made on our website 24/7 by completing the online booking process. You can email or contact us by phone if you prefer to make your booking off-line.

All booking requests will be confirmed by email as soon as possible. We aim to confirm all bookings within a couple of hours of your booking request, but please allow 24 hours. Please note that your booking is not confirmed until a payment has been made and we have emailed the booking confirmation to you.

If your requested holiday property or rental period is not available at the time of your booking, we will inform you as soon as possible and you will have an opportunity to choose an alternative holiday property or an alternative rental period.

Once you have paid for your booking, we will email you the details. Information about how you will receive the keys on your arrival and directions to the property or the key collection point are included with your final confirmation issued on receipt of the full payment.

  1. Rental Prices

The rental price includes self-catering accommodation, use of all furniture and fittings, cutlery and dishes, pillows, blankets, mattresses and bedlinen as well as utilities as noted. The prices do not include dishwasher liquid and tablets, washing powder, hand soap, shampoo, shower gel, spices or toilet and kitchen paper. If towels are included that will be noted in the property description.  This price does not include charging electric cars.  If you need to do this, please contact Kozy Cottages to discuss cost.  We reserve the right to correct prices that have been mistakenly displayed or quoted. 

  1. Payments

We accept payment via website when booking is made.  If you wish to pay via BACS, please contact us by phone.  90% refund is made if booking is cancelled 14 days before arrival date.  After this date no refund is made.

Arrival and Property Keys

    The exact arrival instructions to the property you have booked can be found in the booking confirmation which is emailed to you once we have received your full payment.

    You will be responsible for the property keys during the rental period. If you lose the keys, the property owner is entitled to charge you the cost of cutting new keys and/or new locks plus all other associated costs which will be payable to kozy cottages.

    1. Staying at the Property

    The rental period usually starts at 16.00 (4pm) and ends at 10.00 (10am).

    Only the maximum number of persons stated in our online property details may occupy a property at any one time, unless otherwise agreed at the time you make the booking.

    Setting up a tent or using a caravan or motor home on the property grounds is prohibited, unless the property owner has agreed to this prior to the rental period.

    Pets are permitted only in some of the properties. Please check the online property details and inform us about the type and number of pets in your party at the time of booking. All pets must be fully house trained and all pet waste must be cleared off the property grounds by the end of the stay. Pets must not be left alone in the property unless in a suitable crate. Pets are not permitted in the bedrooms or on the furniture, any damage caused by a pet will be charged for.

    Smoking is strictly prohibited in all the properties. If someone has been smoking at the property, the property owner is entitled to charge you for a full house clean, which will cost a minimum of £100 payable to kozy cottages.

    Kozy Cottages is entitled to ask you to leave the property without refund, if your behaviour causes unreasonable nuisance or danger to others nearby. Neither Kozy Cottages nor the property owner will be liable for any associated costs.

    Please make sure you take all your belongings with you at the end your stay, as we cannot take responsibility for any belongings left behind.

    1. Amendments to Booking

    If you wish to change property after your booking has been confirmed, this will be treated as a cancellation and a new booking, unless otherwise agreed. Our usual cancellation terms will apply.

    If you wish to add more people or services to your party please allow sufficient time before your rental period is due to begin, as we cannot guarantee last minute requests or orders. Note that all additional services must be paid for prior to your rental period.

    1. Cancellations

    Cancellations must be made in writing by email to sam@kozycottages. Not paying for your booking is not an acceptable way of cancelling your reservation and your booking may not be automatically cancelled, if you fail to pay for your booking by the due date.

    If you cancel your booking more than 14 days prior to the first day of your rental period, we will refund 90% of your payment.

    If you cancel your booking 2 weeks or less prior to the first day of your rental period, we regret no refund is usually possible, unless we or the property owner manage to re-let the same property and rental period to another party for the same price. If the property is re-let, we will retain 10%, but will refund the remainder.

    We advise you to purchase adequate holiday insurance to cover for any eventualities.

    1. Agent’s Right to Cancel a Booking

    We reserve the right to cancel your booking if you have failed to pay for your booking by the due date stated in your invoice. We may also cancel your booking if you breach any other point in these booking conditions or if you cause nuisance or serious damage at the holiday property you have rented. If the cancellation is caused by your own actions, you will not be entitled to any refund or compensation.

    We also reserve the right to cancel your booking due to a reason that could not have been foreseen or prevented (force majeure) and/or which is out of our control. This could be adverse weather conditions, hurricane, floods, fire, property damage or a similar occurrence. We will refund the full cost of your booking but will not be liable for any other costs you may suffer as a consequence.

    1. Accuracy of Property Details and Internet Access

    We take great care in the selection of holiday properties in our portfolio but have no direct control over the regular care and maintenance of the properties or of their amenities, within or outside the property.

    Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the descriptions and photographs on our website are accurate and all statements by us are made in the honest belief that they are accurate. We make no warranties as to such information (or any part of it) as has been provided by the property owner or other service provider and which has subsequently become incorrect or incomplete.

    All distances are approximate and holiday property amenities may be altered or withdrawn for reasons outside our control for which we cannot accept responsibility. We will however do our best to advise you of any changes made at the time of your booking.

    Internet Wi-Fi

    Where the owner offers wi-fi, neither the owner nor are responsible for any failure of this service where the problem originates elsewhere, or is an area problem or a service provider problem. No compensation is payable in the event of this service failing, being unavailable or too slow.

    1. Health and Safety

    You must check the layout of the holiday property immediately on arrival so that in an emergency you can get out quickly. Where the holiday property is located close to water, children must be supervised at all times, even if the water is shallow at the shore.

    You must take due care and act responsibly when occupying the holiday property and using all its associated amenities such as the barbecue or fireplace, garden, decked areas, balconies and driveways. Neither Kozy Cottages or the property owners are liable or responsible for your personal conduct that may result in personal injury.

    1. Damages

    You will be liable to pay for any damages caused to the holiday property, its amenities or the grounds outside by you directly to the property owner. Kozy Cottages will retain a £150 deposit which is refundable 7 days after departure. Damages must be reported immediately and will be deducted from your deposit, any damages that exceed the deposit amount must be paid to by bank transfer within 7 days of leaving the property.

    1. Complaints

    Any complaints regarding the condition of the holiday property, its cleanliness or its safety must be taken up immediately and during the rental period directly with Kozy Cottages, so that any necessary action can be taken without delay.

    If a satisfactory outcome is not reached, you must contact Kozy Cottages within 48 hrs of the problem becoming apparent and we will assist in solving the problem.

    Failure to follow this procedure will mean that Kozy Cottages and the property owner cannot support your claim once you return home.

    If a satisfactory outcome was not reached during your rental period, you must put your complaint in writing within 14 days of leaving the property. An investigation whilst the facts are fresh may help us achieve an early resolution.

    Unfortunately, some problems such as those arising from the climate (water shortage, storm damage etc) are beyond the control of all parties, but everyone will do their best to assist you during your stay.

    1. Credit Card Transactions

    (i) Privacy Policy – We do not see credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd party. All card details are encrypted with our card payment provider.

    (ii) Delivery Policy – All bookings are confirmed by email.

    (iii) Refund / Cancellation Policy – Detailed in section 8 of these Terms & Conditions

    These booking conditions have been checked most recently in September 2023.

    Please also read our Rental Agreement.